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16' (w) x 8' (h) Standard Lift minimum 12" of headroom, White, No Windows, galvanized fasteners, Full length 3" bottom rubber, perimeter weatherstripping (seal for header and jambs)

Free upgrade to galvanized 1/8" lift cable with safety factor of five to one.
Free upgrade to 14 gauge galvanized steel center and roller hinges (used in commercial doors by some manufacturers)

Free upgrade to hi end quiet operation nylon rollers, with zinc plated (no rust) 4" steam, with smooth 10 ball bearing.

All sections are covered by the manufacturer lifetime warranty.
All hardware is covered by the manufacturer 3 year warranty.

Price includes Supply only

Optional upgrades:

High Cycle springs, Windows, Full Brace horizontals track, High Lift tracks, Low Headroom modifications, Full vertical tracks, 3" full commercial hardware, Wind load up to 200 mph, up to 5" thick commercial bottom "U" rubber.

We supply and install at impeccable rates!
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