favoriser opslag 300ft2 - 50 something quiet working male seeking reasonable domicile (Kelowna) skjul dette indlæg vis


Looking for a quiet room to rent long term
Responsible former building manager seeks clean and quiet lodgings 1-2 year minimum mother in law suite or private entrance is preferred and un-furnished.I have current respectable references and enjoy my peace and quiet I have a guaranteed pensioned income and looking for suitable dwelling that is reasonably priced. I'm a handyman and enjoy gardening, golf, fly-fishing and restoring classic cars and antiques. Although pensioned, i am very active and do contractor work on small projects and have lots of tools and can do most home and reno's from A-Z. You name it, and I can probably do it :)
Would love nothing better than Off the grid, so if you have something not too far from town, please contact me !
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