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My self and my wife are in desperate want of returning to the Okanagan. We want to return so that we can be closer to our other childern so their youngest brother can see them more then once a year other then skype.

We are a small family of three. Myself, my wife and our son (5yrs).
We also have two small, very well behaved cats (litter trained).

We do not party/drink/smoke or do drugs. We keep to ourselves and try to be as quiet as possible.
I am a Drywaller and try to stay as busy as I can. If there is no dire family need, I tend to be at work.
My wife works at home, taking care of our son.

We dont ask for much, we would settle for a one bedroom+den, though a two bedroom would be prefered. And we do ask that we don't have to rehome our cats as our son is unbeleivably attatched.

We can afford $1100/month including utilities or $900/month+utilities.
Anyone with anything in the Okanagan area. Please email me! We wanna come home!!
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